Slice It! This Precision Puzzle Could Become Your Next Obsession

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Slice It!
Developer: Com2uS USA, Inc.
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slice it game for iphoneWas there a guy in your sixth-grade class who spent day after day drawing geometric shapes on graph paper, fascinated by the perfect symmetry that medium afforded him? Well, he's made an app. It's called Slice It! and it allows you to develop your own compulsive obsession for symmetry, even if you are otherwise healthy.

To be fair, Slice It! is an upgrade from sixth grade graph paper. The game will draw the shapes onto the iPhone/iPad touchscreen for you. What you get to do is only slightly less entertaining: you get to slice the shapes into equal-sized bits.

Simple enough, right? Slice It! draws a square, you bisect it. Slice It! draws a circle, you cut it into pizza slices.

If it were only that easy, there would be no reason to become obsessed. No, this seemingly simple slice it and dice it game has a mean streak.

There are currently 100 "stages" to the game and the higher levels become downright diabolical in their difficulty. You have a set number of cuts available at any stage, represented by your number of pencils. Some points on the drawing become off-limits, as represented by tiny red squares. And even if you hate to admit it, you'll probably need each and every "hint" the game offers.

When you fear your cuts won't pass the precision required to move you on up, you can undo and try again. When you are done cutting a shape you get a "clear" or "failed" bottom-line score, with extra encouragement such as "great!" or "perfect!" if you do well. You'll also get one to five stars for each effort, and a display of the percentage of screen each slice actually occupies. "Great" and "perfect" slices earn you extra future hints.

This is the classic "easy to learn, hard to master" app. It takes zero time to learn the rules or the interface, yet the game can addict, frustrate, captivate, and infuriate you, depending on the stage you have reached.

If you like Slice It!, you will probably like it for a long time and play it often. If you don't, well, it's only a buck.

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