Slotz Racer Goes From Play Room to iPhone and iPod touch


slotz racerThe only thing missing from Freeverse's SlotZ Racer is the smell of burning rubber. Slotz Racer has all the elements of most car racing games on the iPhone and elsewhere, except in this instance, the cars are slot cars.

Line up against three computer challengers or your friends, mash the pedal icon in the lower right corner to accelerate, let off  the pedal to brake. It's easy to learn, difficult to master, like most great games.

With Slotz Racer you have a variety of the usual race-car game options: a selection of cars; quick race and championship modes; and unlockable cars, circuits and locations. There are three camera positions: fixed, trailing and moving. The race resumes where you left off, say, should you take a phone call.

Some of Slotz Racer's unique features include a track editor to build your own tracks; the ability to compete against challengers, time or number of laps; and an endurance mode (which includes day and night modes).

The build-your-own track option — whose features include all manners of straights, chicanes and turns, multiple lanes for your tracks and lane changing — is as entertaining as sprinting around the track.

This is a heck of a game as far as game play goes, and it will keep you busy for however long you like slot-car racing (for many people that will be all their lives). Many of us adults still have fond memories of the time tinkering with slot cars and going head-to-head in the family's play room and at the local track club.

Slotz Racer was priced at $.99 for a while and at that price it was a bargain. It's $2.99 now and the price is still a good one, given the likely amount of time this app will keep you occupied.

The graphics could be crisper and Slotz Racer could be tweaked with a few features such as in-car view. I'd like to see better navigation in some places such shortcuts back to the main menu. Otherwise, this is a fine adaption of where the rubber meets the slot track.

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  • Jeffe Portland

    Decent slot car controllers offer more than 100 percent gas or nothing.
    I wish this developer would ad a small trigger on the left that can be used at different levels. The current control setup is disappointing. Yes I'm a nerd who has real slot cars as an adult.

  • Michael Alexander

    What's a decent off-the-shelf slot car go for these days?

  • DjFIL

    @Jeffe... there's an analog control option, and ability to change trigger sensitivity (if playing just digital (on/off) control style.

    got it at the 99 cent introductory... it would had easily been worth the full 2.99... very nice app.