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Smack Me™
Developer: FunMobility
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smack me iphone appWhen you start to play Smack Me, your first thought might be, “This is too easy.” You get through the first level, unlocking the medium level, and your confidence builds. “I will unlock the hard level in no time,” you say to yourself. Keep your pants on.

Smack Me is a simple yet challenging reflex game for the iPhone from FunMobility. The picture of a colorful robot flashes on your screen, and his electronic voice gives you Simon Says-like instructions: Smack me (tap the screen), shake me (wiggle the iPhone), pinch me (move two fingers together on the screen), lift me (raise the iPhone into the air), and freeze me (don’t move). Sounds easy, right?

Within a few minutes of playing, I decided that I love Smack Me. The faster the game goes, the harder it is to follow the instructions. If you make an error or you do not respond within a second or two, the game is over and you start back at the beginning of the level. This is where the Smack Me gets addictive. You have a hard time imagining that a silly little game could defeat you so you keep trying to prove yourself.

Smack Me is easy enough for a kid to play, but getting sent back to the beginning might be frustrating for younger children. The robot, Ito, is so darn cute, and the retro electronic music accompanies Smack Me perfectly. The only downside is that if you do not do the task exactly as asked, the game is over. Smack Me relies on the iPhone's multi-touch and accelerometer capabilities. For example, you have to tap the screen hard enough and shake or lift the iPhone just so. You might think you are doing it right, but if the iPhone does not agree, back you go.

Smack Me is a great app. It is wonderfully brainless and still challenging enough to make you want to keep coming back for more. I have not unlocked the hard level yet. I am eager to see how fast I can react and also to find out if there will be added tasks beyond those the robot tells you to do in the easy and medium levels. I plan to keep playing Smack Me until I find out.

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