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smart-alarm-clock-ticker-iphoneSmart Alarm — Despite it's name, Smart Alarm, from Mobile App Center, is more than a simple alarm clock app — it's also a weather detector and a news and stock ticker.

The idea is that this app will pleasantly wake you up in the morning with a dash of weather, a squib of news and a line or two about whether your stocks are flying or frying. In fact, if the app was capable of bringing you breakfast it would be called Smart Butler, or something like that.

You can use the Settings button to set up the clock to display 12 or 24-hour formats, font and font color and background screen color. You also can set the amount of snooze time you might need, from 1 minute to 59 minutes (if you need more than 59 minutes that means you'll wake up dead).

Before going to bed, set Smart Alarm to your desired wake up time, and set the sound that you want to wake up to. Smart Alarm comes with 53 sounds of nature, instruments, and other sounds designed to wake you gently.  You could, for example, use Smart Alarm to wake up to waves crashing on a beach or an acoustic guitar. If none of the built-in sounds work for you, you can record your own sound with the app's recording function.

Once you're awake and seeing straight, take a look at your iPhone or touch and grab the latest news, stocks and weather report. Tapping the weather icon will give you a preview of the day's high temperature along with a 5-day forecast.

Tapping the icon in the lower left corner — in either landscape or portrait mode — switches the scrolling ticker from news to stocks. Tapping an item on either ticker will take you to Google's finance pages or to Reuters news stories, using the Safari Web browser.

Truth is, Smart Alarm works better for me as a day-time clock at work: I can keep an eye on the day's top stories and stock performance and if I need to, set the alarm to wake me up in time to go home before the evening rush hour.

One thing to keep in mind: If you're using Smart Alarm overnight and you run out of battery juice, you'll be still sawing logs when you should be attending that day's big morning meeting. So be sure to plug in your device for smooth sailing.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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