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Smart Recorder - The Voice Recorder
Developer: Kenneth roe
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

smart-recorder-iphoneIf the native Voice Memos app doesn't have enough features to satisfy your recording needs, then Smart Recorder may be a good option. There is greater depth, editing options, and a pretty cool method for transferring your recordings to a computer via a Wi-Fi network.

Like Night Recorder, Smart Recorder has a long list of features that makes it far easier to save and share recordings. To create a new recording, simply create a new session and hit the record button. If you stop it too early you can append the audio with additional voice data.

Each recording can be renamed, tagged, and identified by a photo. There are also buttons for skipping through the recordings quickly and speeding or slowing down the rate of playback.

A few of the design elements in Smart Recorder are a bit odd, though you will probably adjust to them rather easily. For example, on the bottom left corner of the screen is a button that says "AP off." No, it's not a stream to Associated Press news reports—it stands for Auto Pause. I discovered this by scrolling through the help menu. If this feature is enabled, then recording will pause if the sound drops off. Also, the "tag" icon is the pin that is traditionally assorted with location tagging. Instead geotagging, this lets the user tag recordings for easier organization according to their own taxonomy.

Probably the best feature in Smart Recorder is the ability to send files to your desktop over a wireless network. By typing in a URL into your browser a list of recordings will appear which can then be downloaded to your computer.

The interface is not as graphically interesting as Night Recorder or even the native Voice Memos app, but the feature list for Smart Recorder is fairly strong. If doing frequent interviews or some other type of recordings are a common activity, then Smart Recorder is definitely worth a look.

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