Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors Aren't Brand-X


smartphone-screen-protector1Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors (3-Pack) for iPhone — When I unboxed my iPhone for the first time, I caressed its gleaming surfaces and I said to myself, “Yo, this is a thing of beauty!” I would have kissed it except I didn’t want to smudge its immaculate reflection.

Then I got real. I immediately ordered off eBay a rigid leather case, which cost me $25 plus shipping, but I didn’t care. I needed a guard to forever protect my iPhone’s pristine beauty and price be damned!

As a sweetener, the seller tossed in a screen protector that, when laid down over the face of the iPhone, protects its surface like a sci-fi force field. Best add-on I've gotten so far.

That was about a year ago. The $25, plus shipping, leather case has since given up on me. The top half flaps around like the wing of a wounded albatross. I also got a nick on a corner exposed by the case’s failure.

But the screen protector has stayed steadfast against the wet; rugged in the face of  hours of daily use; wary of the two kids hungry for their own iPhones; and sympathetic to the poor suffering wife who couldn’t understand what the hoopla was all about.

One protector must be the same as another, or at least I reasoned. It's not true. I just finished testing Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors for iPhone and it just doesn’t measure up to the no-name screen protector that I’ve been using.

These SPs come in a three-pack for a pricey $15.95. My free Brand-X model came with a small microfiber cloth to wipe the phone’s surface before placing the film, unlike these new SPs.

Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors for iPhone doesn’t lay down as smoothly as my Brand-X version, and it kept trapping air bubbles, no matter how gently I tried to position it. It's too stiff. After two costly failures, I reached into my desk and pulled out another Brand-X SP that I had purchased for $4.95 with shipping off eBay because I was so pleased with the first. I wish I could tell you the maker but its name is Chinese and the item name is “Screen Protector.”

Regardless, pass by Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors for iPhone and look for something else—do doubt for less money and with a freebie cloth. Nota bene: The SPs vary for each model.

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