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Developer: Left Coast Logic
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smarttime plus iphone appLeft Coast’s SmartTime+ (Calendar, ToDos, GTD), a to-do, calendar and task manager, is one of the more complete and flexible apps of this kind in the App Store, at least you’ll think so if you’re just not into time, like me.

When I looked at Left Coast Logic’s SmartTime 1.3 last November, I came away impressed. That says a lot, because in general, I don’t like task scheduling and managers, and $9.99 is starting to get up there pricewise for an app that I think I might not use for very long.

If you tend to be organized, and willing to religiously enter your to-dos and appointments into an app, SmartTime + should be among your top considerations.

With SmartTime+ you have flexibility to easily organize items on your schedule, prioritize them, accommodate unexpected changes and integrate tasks by simply dragging them. SmartTime+ gives you different views of items on your schedule: Smart, Calendar and Focus to display your items by color codes, by day and by priority.

The reason I’m not keen on organizer apps is that I lack discipline. I haven’t found an app  that is so easy to use and thinks the same way I do that I’ll use it without giving it much thought, but SmartTime+ is as close as I’ve found.

What I like a lot about SmartTime+ is that I can synchronize events and tasks with my Google calendar account, which saves time and effort. It’s one-way, but that’s a good start. SmartTime also links meeting locations to Google maps, and that’s a pretty cool thing too. I also can create event alerts in SmartTime+ and get them through Google or as a text or email.

If you can make entering information easy in an app – not just apps for time travelers like this one – then you’re already a step ahead of most other apps in my book. SmartTime+ sucks up my contact names, gives me one-tap icons for action items and one-button phone dialing from items on my lists.

Now that I’ve put SmartTime+ (Calendar, ToDos, GTD), through my iPhone-o-meter and calibrated the results, I’m going to be hanging onto this one for a while and see if I can really get serious about getting rid of all the Post-Its, napkins, and scraps of paper where I currently stash my life’s work.

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  • justjulia

    Hi - I've got SmartTime and actually you can sync two-way. But the first time you do a sync, they advise you to do it one-way After that, two-way works fine.

  • Ivy

    The app is OK but the support is poor. I had a bug in version 3.0 which prevented me to sync 2-ways to Google Cal and did not received any support from Left Coast Logic.
    I finally stop to use Smart Time and switch to another app which is as good as Smart Time but has much better support.

  • Ansextra

    And which other app do you think is better? Personally I use Saisuke and see no reason to change at this point.

  • Ivy

    Saisuke support is also poor. I sent them an e-mail and never received reply. The best support I experienced until now is Pocket Informant from WebIs. I prefer Pocket Informant Week view and Month view over SmartTime ones, but this is very subjective.

  • Ivy

    And what I do not like in Saisuke is the lack of Time Bars to show you at a glance when your appointments are scheduled.

  • Ansextra

    Time Bars? If you go to the daily view appointments are blocked out by time. Is that what you're talking about?
    Personally I'm not looking for a Gannt Chart.

  • Ivy

    Time Bars = Gannt Chart

  • Gokunama

    SmartTime's last update added a lot of great features, but it isn't easychecking dates and adding new appointments quickly.

    So I've got to teach lessons on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Thursdays of the month? What are those dates (turn to landscape, wait for weekview to pop up, and then tap on monthview), alright, but I can't add the proper duration of the events with SmartTime's quick add in monthview, so back to Smartview I go, wait a few seconds, then I can properly add them.

    Pocket Informant is much faster, cause I don't have to change view everytime, and I can add my events within monthview.

    The timebars are great as well, I can see what I have happening from monthview quickly, and it's also great for checking quickly whether I remembered to add some events.

    I also sent an email to Saisuke, but never got anything back. The developers are Japanese I believe, and most Japanese wouldn't be able to understand an email written in natural native English.

  • Ansextra

    I've actually sent 2 emails to Saisuke for different issues. One time I got an email back right away and one time I didn't. Other than the slowness of Saisuke at times it still serves my needs.

  • Yoogan

    I love this app. The UI is so beautiful. I like the way it combines Tasks together with Events. I can quickly arrange my Tasks in Smart View and my Events in Calendar View by moving them using finger. How easy it is!

    To me, Week View and Month View is useful for overall view. I rarely use them to input data because 'quick add' just provides limited fields for quick entry.

  • hrvoje

    I'm addicted to Smart Time, it's great app.
    Unfortunately, latest google sync issue is forcing me to try something else.
    Nevertheless, i'm not sure that some other product will outstand simplicity and usability of Smart Time.