Snappet - Christmas Edition Makes Creating Holiday Pet Photos a Snap

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Snappet - Christmas Edition
Developer: dean marco
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Snappet iPhoneAre you an animal lover or pet parent who prefers the company of four-legged companions to that of most people? Even if you only kind-of like Fido or Fluffy, if you want a quick and easy way to create pet-photo greetings to share with others then Snappet - Christmas Edition for iPhone and iPad makes it possible. A simple photo app that allows users to turn pictures of their pets into framed and captioned images made comically amusing with the optional addition of cartoon accessories like hats and glasses, Snappet is all about pets. And the new Christmas-theme pack adds everything you need to get your pet into the holiday spirit.

Though Snappet borders on the ridiculous, it has merit. Lots of people share photos of their pets and when you can dress one up for nearly any occasion, it makes it kind of fun. Granted, there’s not much of a professional quality feel to Snappet, but that’s kind of the point – just make it fun.

No skills are required beyond the basic camera operation and the ability to navigate the five tabs. There’s one for importing pics from the device’s camera roll, one for taking a new picture, one for adding frames, one for adding accessory elements and a final one for sharing by email or to Facebook or simply saving to your device’s camera roll. Holiday-themed pet pics couldn’t be simpler.

When it comes to frames and accessories, Snappet provides little add-ons for just about any occasion. Festive frames for many of the holidays are an option as well as generic, all-occasion frames. Hats range from Santa caps to royal crowns and a variety of glasses and costumes are available too. To use many of the accessories, you’ll need to capture your pet striking just the right pose for them to look semi-decent, but the images can be manipulated a bit before being set as an overlay image. Though the accessories are cartoonish in design, some are kind of fun to play around with. There are also a few captions to select from if you want to use your pet to send a message.

While Snappet - Christmas Edition isn’t particularly sophisticated, there are a few capabilities to help with the photo editing process. Images can be minimized or enlarged and drug around behind the frames to achieve the best placement. At times the responsiveness of Snappet is a bit sluggish and there’s no way to enhance a photo’s quality, but with the .99 price point, Snappet performs and offers about what you’d expect.

Essentially Snappet is a fun way to create cute, funny photos of pets. If you can capture a few good images of Fido to play around with, you can create several different photo projects with the same poses. And using a generic photo editor to turn Fluffy into Superman is far easier than trying to cram four paws in a pet costume – and probably the preferred method if you asked your furry friend. So if you want to have some fun with pet pictures this holiday season, Snappet - Christmas Edition should prove to be one of the more amusing means to do it.

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