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Snappn - Top Apps and Games Reviews and Videos
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snappn for iphone ipadAs of the writing of this article, there have been nearly 50 billion app downloads. This is why app discovery tools such as Snappn are becoming more and more important to the everyday iPhone and iPad owner.

Why will Snappn make your life easier? Simple, it uses magic to present you with top apps so you don't have to sift through over 775,000 apps that are now currently on the App Store. Ok, so it's not magic, rather it's a fellow named Jason, who has coded Snappn to automatically give an app a grade based on professional reviews and the overall App Store ranking for the individual app.

Better yet, the overall score is weighted based on the publication the review came from. So for instance, if it comes from a app review site like the one you're reading currently, you know it's weighted higher versus say a blog that just started, only has a few reviews and is not as established as the bigger app review sites out there. 

Visually, I found Snappn to be very appealing. When you open the app, you're presented with a list of the most recent reviews. The one that I checked out was Zoombies: Animales de la Muerte, which was given an 89.8 "Snappn Score" based on six professional reviews from PockeGamer, iFanzine, Gamezebo, Crazy Mike's Apps, Apple'N'Apps and 85 five-star reviews from the App Store.

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In addition to the reviews, you can check out screenshots, the app description and comments from Snappn users all within the app. I found the ability to save apps to a list was quite helpful since you can always go back to the app and check them out as a pseudo wish list of sorts.

Another helpful feature within Snappn is the "recommended for you" section. This is fairly unique has the developer as made this list based on top rated apps and games of all time. The uniqueness reveals itself when you are logged in and the apps you've rated are automatically hidden so you don't have to sift through them. This is a very smart move.

Scroll down to the bottom and you also have access to popular apps, which if I'm not mistaken seems to be based on reviews as well as just straight App Store ratings. For instance, FallDown!2 had a grade of 90 based on App Store ratings only as Candy Crush Saga had a grade of 76 based on nine professional reviews as well as 186,687 overall App Store ratings.

For its "truthiness" in providing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users from around the world a honest and sincere roundup of top apps, Snappn is a must download for anyone wanting to bypass the duds and get down to the good stuff on the App Store.

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  • Kim

    A great app for app addicts like me.