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Protected Photo Sharing: Sneak A Peek (AppStore Link)
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Protected Photo Sharing: Sneak A Peek
Developer: AppBurst, LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Sneak a PeekMy days of playing tag and capture the flag were a complete blast, but nothing peeked my curiosity more than a good game of treasure hunt for a school project or at a family reunion. However, there are only so many ways to obscurely reveal hints to the final destination. Now, with Sneak a Peek, there is an added dimension to this age-old game, time limited photo peeks.

Imagine you only have one clue left before your team takes the finish and consequently the prize. Instead of a verbal or written queue, you're shown a photo through the Sneak a Peek app that reveals what seems to be a blue tugboat, but you're not sure because it was only shown for two seconds. Talk about reviving an old school game. Of course, the app can be used for a lot more.

Upon launching the app, you're presented with four tabs, including home, send pic, Sneak a Peek and account. Before sending a pic, you'll need to ensure you check out the account tab which walks you through the sign up process. Basically, you'll need to create a unique account and link it to your email address, which you'll be sent a confirmation link to. The app is required to verify you actually exist to prevent abuse. It's a built in security system.

Now, you're ready to get started in a great game of treasure hunt or simply sharing fun photos with friends. To send a photo or a peek, select the send pic tab and you'll be prompted to enter a friend's email address. Make sure your friend has the app installed to ensure they'll be able to peek at your fun photo.

Then select a time limit from one to 60 seconds. Let's be honest, one second is not long enough for anything unless you're wanting to really tease your friend. You'll then have a chance to choose a photo from your photo library or take a pic. The take a picture function might make a fun virtual Where's Waldo game. After selecting or taking your favorite photo, choose an animation of how the photo will be reveled. My favorite is the gift box.

Once you're set, write a quick message and then send your "Sneak a Peek" to your friend. How exciting would it be to surprise your significant other with a snapshot of a pair of plane tickets, then a suitcase followed by a piece of white paper with Bahamas written on it. That would be a nice surprise. And remember, the app doesn't allow the photo to be saved on the onlooker's device so there's no evidence if you need to back out.

Hopefully, if you're not the one sending the good news, you're the one receiving it and if you do a notification will be waiting for you in the app under the Sneak a Peek icon. Make sure to swipe down to refresh your inbox. I wouldn't want you to miss your flight to the Bahamas.

The Sneak a Peek app has a lot of potential to insert fun into games, photos, surprises to exotic locations or to the local pub as well as popping the question or just playing a fun photo tag game or two. The app is free to download and the first three peeks are free (insert jokes), but after those run out you'll be able to purchase a 10, 300 or 1000 "send pack" for $.99, $1.99 and $4.99, respectively.

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  • Clint

    I am the creator of Sneak A Peek. I hope this app can meet your needs with your iPhone, iPod, iPad device. Have fun!

  • Greg Dawson

    Thanks for stopping by Clint. Great app! Hope you have more in the works.