Snow Brawlin' is a Rip-Roarin' Nutty Snowball Fun

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Snow Brawlin'
Developer: GhostHand Games LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

snow brawlin'What could be better than a fast and furry-ous snowball fight on your iPhone or iPad. The perfect game for winter, Snow Brawlin’ is a neat little game where your snowball arsenal is endless and your targets can be hit with a quick tap. But be careful, they throw back! A well-designed pick-up-and-play game, Snow Brawlin’ has a fun theme and a great story line all tied up in a free app package. Take aim and see if you can help Risoo the squirrel defend his turf from the other rogue rodents in the neighborhood.

Snow Brawlin’ uses tilt controls to keep Risoo moving and simple tap-to-throw controls for snowball launching. The more rodents you hit, the more points you score and the faster available power-ups will appear. The trick is making sure you’re keeping out of the way of incoming snowballs. The longer you survive, the harder the game becomes, but its fast-paced, squirrely action will keep you coming back for more and more.

Besides being a well-designed game in terms of objective and storyline, Snow Brawlin’ has other positive attributes to boot. It’s colorful, responsive and a nice meld of casual and entertaining. In a kind of “whack-a-mole” execution, Risoo launches snowballs at whatever rodent is tapped. There’s no rapid fire, but there’s very little lag between throws. The combination of tilt and tap controls makes Snow Brawlin’ easy to play and simultaneous execution of dodging and throwing is a breeze. At least at first.

Compete against your own high score as well as Game Center leader boards. Whether you’re looking for some casual entertainment to pass the long winter nights or simply need something to play while traveling this holiday season, Snow Brawlin’ offers a suitable theme and the right blend of spontaneous fun. The app is free, but comes with available in-app purchases. Though not required, they provide the option to eliminate ads, store power-ups or get extra life drops from the nutty parachuting squirrel who delivers bonuses.

Snow Brawlin’ is a solid arcade-style game with a nice combination of elements to keep the game entertaining, but simple. With nice artwork and animation, classic snowball fight theme and supporting music and sound effects, Snow Brawlin’ is an all-around nutty bit of fun. Available for free on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini, Snow Brawlin’ is a great little winter download.

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