Snowdome: Be Hypnotized by Dancing Snow Flurries

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Developer: Jonathan Apple
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The new Snowdome app from Yotta Digital is quite easily the most beautiful snow globe app available. Snowdome's "motion-sensitive 3D movement" sets it apart from the others. The graphics are elegant with stunning photography capturing 6 different scenes.

I didn't really expect to be mesmerized by a digital snow globe. But, Snowdome's unique way of creating the falling flakes is amazing. Rather than simply falling down the screen, the gentle flurries whirl and twirl responding to the accelerometer more precisely than any of the virtual snow apps I've tried so far.

In addition to letting users choose from a set of pre-determined background image, Snowdome offers 6 different music-box style songs. Both song and image options can be access via the information tab, just tap the "i" in the bottom right corner. To play the music, tap the music note beneath the globe. In keeping with the music box theme, the song will play once and then be silent. I wish there was an option to set the music to "endless play."

When you first open Snowdome it will ask to use your current location. Say yes! Then, click the world icon at the bottom left corner. The resulting map shows where lights where other users are gazing into their own Snowdome. Nothing says Peace on Earth like seeing the world map aglow with Snowdome users.

Don't believe me? Download Snowdome and see for yourself.

Snowdome Demo from Yotta Digital on Vimeo.

Image Gallery: Snowdome

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  • Shaun

    It does look pretty cool...but I really think apps like this should be free, since they don't really "do" anything - good review though :)

  • guy

    i think only sucker (like me) actually buy this stuff.

  • crisibaja

    Of course it "does" something - it's a snowdome. You shake it, snow falls, the pictures are lovely, it plays a tune, it shows everywhere in the world where people are watching it! What more could you possibly want?