Cool Off with Snowmen Story; A Snowball Arcade Shooter

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Snowmen StorySummer heat a bit too hot to handle? Think cool with Snowmen Story – DFX Art’s free app that brings you Christmas in July! Snowmen Story is a simple arcade shooter-style game set in a little Christmas town bustling with snowmen, but much like the Grinch, your objective is to destroy as much of it as you can with rapid fire snowballs. Whether you’re taking out decorations, icicles, floating presents or the snowmen themselves, the more you hit the higher your score.

Players have one minute to take aim and launch snowballs at as many objects and snowmen as possible to rack up points. Aiming is done by moving the onscreen site via joystick-like controls on the lower left screen and throwing is done by tapping the lower right. You can fire as fast as you like, but careful aim is key and point values increase based on the distance of the targets hit. The fast-moving skiing snowmen are worth 100 points, while the lumbering close-range snowmen are only worth 10. Random objects, such as icicles, frozen birds, presents and tree decorations are worth 1-5 points, and some of the objects are interactive – such as bottle rockets and fireworks.

Snowmen Story is set in a very cutely animated village and the accompanying background music coordinates with the animation. The animation is in fact quite detailed with some items not spotted at first (or even second) glance – including a Puxatony-esque squirrel that pops up out of the ground and rewards bonus points if hit. There is only one mode of play, no varying difficulty degrees and the in-app purchase options include removal of ad support and purchasing an extra minute on the clock. Since neither of these options are likely to enhance gameplay, it’s generally safe to say that sticking with the free version is sufficient.

Cheery and amusing as it is, the one major drawback evident in Snowmen Story is the controls. While there’s little to no lag between tapping and firing snowballs, the movement of the reticle is a bit rough and choppy from time to time. Though the controls are adequate to play the game, smoother execution would simply make for a more exciting 60 seconds. But to the developer’s credit, whatever issue was originally causing the app to crash has been addressed and it loads without issue.

As a free app designed to be nothing more than a quick pick-up-and-play arcade-style game, Snowmen Story fits the bill as a themed arcade shooter that is fun enough to make a few minutes down time well-spent. It has a fun winter theme with quick and easy action that will have you thinking about snow while you’re lounging in the sun.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • bewildered

    What joystick like controls? I don't see any when I open the game.