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sohoinmypocket-iphone-appSOHOinmypocket, from AppFury, LLC, is a straightforward directory and location-aware navigation app that informs you of what’s around you and how to get there. In this case, it’s New York City’s famed SOHO and NoLita districts, a 50-block area of Manhattan replete with restaurants, galleries,  funky little shops and other retail outlets.

Launch the app, pop open a directory of antique shops, banks, bars, electronics stores, restaurants and so on. Tap one of the locations, let’s say “banks”,  and the app will display a list of banks in proximity to you. Tap on a bank and up pops an address, phone number and URL.

Want to know how to get there? Tap the “View in Map” button on the top of the screen and away you go, with turn-by-turn directions, to guide you.

Most iPhone and iPod touch users are familiar with apps like this that provide a list of nearby locations — whether for a local or a tourist — with addresses and maps. It’s similar to Earthcomber’s Personal Radar, Tweakersoft’s AroundMe and mPassPort Paris among many others AppCraver has reviewed since the iPhone and iPod touch’s debut.

SOHOinmypocket provides two ways of finding your way around. The first is to navigate using the directory as I’ve already explained,  and the second is to navigate using a map (tap the Map icon on the bottom menu). Zoom in on the map, find “signposts” for nearby places and tap for directions. It might be obvious, but this will only work if you’re actually in SOHO.

What makes SOHOinmypocket unique is that AppFury’s app also includes a slot machine for deals. Shake or tap a button to spin the wheels and when the icons line up correctly, you can find out which retailers or other outlets nearby are offering deals and discounts. Each deal has a View on Map button so you can easily locate the store or restaurant. When you get there, show the boss, manager, whomever your “electronic coupon” on your device and get your deal. The deals change everyday.

One small annoyance with SOHOinmypocket: The items on the directory are not listed  in parallel, meaning, items that should be in plural such as banks are expressed in singular and other items are simply not clear. “Shoes” is followed by “Theater,” for example. Cafes and grocers are lumped together in one category, which doesn’t seem logical to me.

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