Solitaire City Deluxe Adds Razzle-Dazzle Extras, Like Playing Over Wi-Fi


solitaire city deluxe iphoneSolitaire City Deluxe, from Digital Smoke, is one of the best-looking Solitaire apps I've come across in the App Store, although let's face it: Solitaire is Solitaire.

Everyone is a bit of an expert at playing at least one of the long-time card games invented by and for bored and lonely people. We've all been there one time or another, so we have high expectations for our Solitaire games, especially ones that sell for $7.99 like Solitaire City Deluxe.

Fortunately for Digital Smoke, it need not worry about a bunch of unhappy buyers racing up the hill carrying pitch forks and torches with blood and mayhem in mind, demanding their money back. If you're really into Solitaire card games, this one's for you buddy.

Solitaire City Deluxe features razzle-dazzle graphics and audio. If you don't like the app's crisp and realistic audio, you can play while listening to your iTunes library.

Solitaire City Deluxe has 15 games, each with variations, making for 60 games in all. Don't know how to play something other than Klondike? No worries. The game has instructions and training modes for each game.

You can play in landscape and portrait modes. Lefties have the option of switching. You have all the usual customizations: card sets, backgrounds (including using those in your Camera Roll), SFX volume and a couple of other thingies.

What makes Solitaire City Deluxe unique is that not only can you can play against the clock but also against other players via Wi-Fi, EDGE or 3G, no matter where they are. You can submit and compare scores for players in a wide variety of countries too.

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