Put a Sonic Boom in Your Palm


The Sonic Boom iPhone App really does put the power in your hands. Just one swift swipe of the finger and you've struck a match destined for only one thing: the stick of dynamite waiting in the center of your screen. You can tease it by whirling a finger of fire around the entire stick of dynamite but once you touch the fuse of the bomb, you just sit back and watch the show.

Sonic Boom lets you watch as the stick of dynamite blows to smithereens. You can also watch in slow motion by sliding up or down on the blue bar on the left side of the screen. Once the explosive display is over, you can explore the carnage in all it's 3D glory.

Sonic Boom doesn't make a sound until you strike your 'match' and then you can listen to the fuse burn. The intensity steps up until a loud abrupt bang is heard and the bomb explodes.

You can control the length of the fuse by pinching horizontal and the size of the explosion by pinching vertical. Be warned now, an explosion too large just might "break" your screen. (XL explosions will crack the image and will pause the app to simulate breaking your iPhone.)

Sonic Boom is a fun little app because everyone loves to watch things get blown up. But, it does get old after the second or third time. If you start to get bored, you can stretch your entertainment dollar by super-imposing photos on the firecracker and blowing up a grumpy boss. Or, snap a pic of that guy that cut you off on the freeway and BOOM you're blowing up cars in traffic.

The fact that the camera rotates and swoops down to ground level after the dynamite starts to explode is a pretty cool feature but the graphics aren't the most detailed either so you're basically watching a bunch of triangular paper flakes flying through the air in place of actual dynamite particles.

Nevertheless, Sonic Boom is a fun little toy to mess with when you've only got a few minutes to fill your daily explosion quota. We give Sonic Boom a 6 out of 10 because we like the novelty of this idea.

Smule's line of 99 cent apps are being talked about all over the web. The company does a great job of using innovating ideas to create small packets of mobile amusement.

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  • BettyGreene

    Haha This app is great. Who doesn't like to blow sh*t up???

  • DexMex77892

    This app is explosive. Get it? aahhahahhaha!

  • JoshPratt79

    This is a fun one. I like the spinning camera angles. Its all Matrix-like

  • Brian.Kappa090

    Now thats what I'm talkin about. Destruction from all angles. Can I get two please??? haha