Space Ball Is Merely Spaced Out

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space ball iphone appSpace Ball, from Global Agent, is a take on the classic Labyrinth game.

Tilt the ball to maneuver around holes and reach the designated destination to proceed to the next level. As you probably know already, each level of Space Ball is progressively harder to complete.

Codify AB's Labyrinth has been a long-time top seller in the App Store, and it's hard to beat for realism and depth of play (1,000 levels created by a community of fans).

Space Ball, then, faces some tough competition right off and quickly gets its lunch eaten by a bigger and better game. There's little positive to say about Space Ball, so I'll get right to it.

Like Labyrinth, the object is to avoid falling into holes. Unfortunately, Spaceball's physics are so weird that it's nigh impossible to move the ball in the direction you would like it to go. There seems to be some blackhole sorta thing going on that sucks the ball into the a hole, without actually being close it.

I found the game play so odd, that I decided to lay my iPhone on a completely flat surface (I used a bubble level to be sure) and the ball would start rolling on its own, sometimes along different paths! Other times the ball would start rolling and then stutter to a stop. And still other times, the ball would hit a wall and carom off in the wrong direction. In short, Space Ball's physics do not come close to replicating any action you might see in the real world. In sum, it's so dysfunctional that there's no reason to try playing it.

The graphics of Space Ball are just okay. The playing field's background looks like wood, the walls look like clay bricks wrapped in metal.

Where the space part comes into Space Balls, I can't say. In the app description, the developer says the background is "set to be outer space which make the game more fashion and avant-garde." The outer space backgrounds might be at the higher levels, but I didn't bother going beyond the fourth level before putting it away.

By the way, the game I played looks nothing like the screen captures in the App Store.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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