SPACE DEADBEEF Beats Out Paid Apps to Take Top Prize

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Developer: Yuji Yasuhara
Price: free Download on the App Store

space deadbeef iphoneRemember the days of Space Invaders at your local arcade when you were younger. SPACE DEADBEEF brings back those days on your iPhone with a game very similar to that of space invaders. The game has you turn the iPhone on it's side and fire away at the enemies as you move from left to right. Basically, it's Space Invaders turned on it's side and played on a touch screen.

First thing that shocked me about SPACE DEADBEFF is the quality of the graphics —  from the start menu to the in-game play. It is quite surprising the quality of graphics that can be done on an iPhone. Just as surprising as the quality of the graphics is the price. When I saw that SPACE DEADBEEF was free, I thought the game's quality wouldn't be that high. Imagine how surprised I was to find a free game with better graphics than a game costing seven to ten dollars.

Once you open SPACE DEADBEFF click the game start button to begin a new game, finish an earlier game by clicking continue, adjust your settings by clicking options or view the credits. The cool thing about the continue option is that if you exit the game unexpectedly — for a phone call or by clicking the home button — SPACE DEADBEFF automatically saves the place that you were.

In the options section you can change the pace of the game by choosing either normal, slow, or relax. You can also turn the sound on or off. I like the fact that they have the sound off as a standard setting rather then having you start the game for the first time and loud music starting.

Personally, it is unbelievable that SPACE DEADBEEF is free. It doesn't even have advertisements like so many other free applications. SPACE DEADBEFF is great fun, but the free price put this app over the edge. It's a perfect 10 all the way.


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  • Mehul Harry

    @JesseNewhart Space deadbeef is great free game too:

  • Neil Hanlon

    I found this app the very first day I got my iPod Touch, one of the top 5 free games I've found.