Space Defender - Galactic Command: Endless Shooter Hits the Mark Like a Laser

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Space Defender - Galactic Command
Developer: Goodies llc
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Space Defender Galactic Defender gameplay screenshotSpace Defender - Galactic Command is an  endless shooter with old school style. It has the look and feel of arcade classics like Galaga and Centipede. For gamers searching for a bit of nostalgia in their iPhone or iPad gaming experience, this app hits the mark with laser accuracy.

In Space Defender - Galactic Command you control a fighter jet and defend the galaxy against an evil alien empire hell-bent on controlling the mining trade. Your goal is to destroy as many incoming alien attack ships as you can while also collecting space gems. Though like most arcade games in the endless shooter genre, the plot doesn't actually matter. The real goal is getting the highest score possible.

Space Defender - Galactic Command has the look and feel of games I played as a child. I'm guessing anyone over 30 will probably feel a fond familiarity when they launch this game. Younger Appcravers don't have any reason to feel left out; this game has a lot of entertainment value even without this frame of reference.

The charm of Space Defender is its simple premise, classic graphics and easy-to-use controls. None of this means it's easy. The game may only take a minute to figure out, but it can provide endless hours of challenging fun.

There are two modes of gameplay: tapping or tilting. In both modes, tapping on the right side of the screen will shoot your lasers. In Tap Mode, tap or tap and hold the left side of the screen to move your ship up. Simply let go to drop back down. In Tilt Mode, tilt your device to achieve the same effect. Move your space ship up and down to collect gems and take aim at the alien invaders.

What would a space shooter be without power-ups? This game offers various power-ups that will to improve your guns, shields, and engines or destroy every alien in sight. In addition to collecting gems, keep an eye out for these power-ups:

  • Warp Engines that will send your Space Defender ship into light speed and destroy any alien ships that come near you.
  • Triple Guns which will triple your fire power, and was my favorite power-up in the game.
  • Shield Bubbles which will add life to your shields.
  • Space Mines is a bomb that will destroy any alien ships within a close range.

My gaming skills fall squarely in the "casual" category, but I played Space Defender for almost an hour straight. The game, along with keeping track of your high score, will keep track of the distance that you travel before being destroyed. I have been obsessed with trying to beat my longest distance traveled. My favorite iOS games are those that present a simple challenge to beat, and the ability to best my own score. It's a perfect formula for engagement, especially for games that are entertaining—which Space Defender is.

Overall I really enjoyed Space Defender - Galactic Command. This endless shooter is a great way to kill a few minutes or lose a few hours! I would recommend it for any one looking for a fun, space-themed game that has good replay value. It's a universal app that's just as fun on the iPhone as it is on the iPad.

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  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    Truly reminiscent of games that we played a decade or so ago. Fantastic
    recreation of those times with suitable graphics and game play.