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Space Sports
Developer: Planet Toccer, Inc
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space sports for iPhoneWhat are probably the most picked career choices by kids? Astronaut and sports star most likely. With a small percentage of kids going onto those career paths, all is not lost. Enter Space Sports, a mix of sports being played in a galaxy far, far away. How cool would it be to kick a ball a light year away? Pretty cool.

At first look, you'll notice exactly what I did, a beautifully designed game where you can tell that the developers spent extra time and paid close attention to all the little details of everything from the title screen down to the backgrounds in each screen. Of course, when you have animators from some of the top grossing animated films of all time such as "Kung Fu Panda 2," "Shark Tale," and 'Despicable Me 2," you know there is a good reason for the stellar 3D gaming action. 

Even when you first open Space Sports and are prompted to design your character, all the colors pop off the screen. And after choosing your character, you jump right into "discovering the champion you were meant to be."

Once you start the game you're pitted against Madu the Monster in an epic soccer challenge where you have to dodge hits from the field Moleys and weave, dribble and speed your way to score some goals. The first few stages are a bit slow, but really allow for you to get your feet wet and learn how to dribble the ball and shoot. I have to say, it's a bit too slow, but you'll at least learn.

One really cool aspect of the game is that you can play to win tickets to real worldwide sporting events. Yes,  you heard me right. The first event has already passed, but those who attain Space Sports champion status can qualify to attend real-life game finals such as the Champions League, World Series, NBA Finals and plenty more.

But the tickets aren't the real ploy to play this game. The game is actually a lot of fun especially if you love beautiful 3D visuals, industry leading animation and of course playing soccer in space. The fact that you can play Space Sports for free is a big plus as well and you don't need to buy a bunch of coins via the in-app purchases to get the most out of the game.

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  • Sarah

    The competition is still going! There's still time to play to be the champ!