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Developer: Eric Metois
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sparticle-iphone-appWhen I started playing Sparticle it felt immediately familiar. After a few minutes it hit me... if you could score points with iChalky, you would have Sparticle. So, it came as no surprise that Sparticle and iChalky are both creations from Eric Metois.

While iChalky is fun (and still has a home on my iPhone), Sparticle has the one thing that the first app lacked — a purpose. Without a goal or a scoring system, iChalky's fun only lasted so long. Sparticle on the other hand has more staying power.

The physics-engine used to power the game may be complex, but the game itself is simple. Capture the gems, octopi, hearts and kitties as they slide by and avoid the boulders. The trick is that while you may slide, tumble and jump, you are also subject the laws of gravity and physics. Diamonds give you more time, boulders take away time and may knock you off course. Using this system, Sparticle can pretty much last forever if you're good enough.

Every so often a spinning, rainbow "gate" will come along to take you to another dimension. Go through the gate and the graphics change, but your goal remains the same.

And therein lies the problem with Sparticle — the sameness. While it is a challenge to learn to control the figure, there are only three worlds. And, each world is essentially the same — new theme, same game. As you earn more points, the game tracks your score and announces your progression to each new level. But each level felt pretty much the same as the one before it.

If you enjoyed iChalky, then Sparticle deserves a download you'll likely enjoy the challenge of this physics-based game. If you're looking for a game with longevity (and you're good enough), Sparticle can go the distance, it's up to you how far you want to go. But, for endless playability I'd like to see more worlds and more challenges. 

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