Marriage for Speed Fiend and Lady Luck in the Cards


Speed Fiend, from Scatter Circuit, is a mashup of Soltaire, War and Fish, salted with a dash of mishigas.

The object of Speed Fiend is to discard your cards as fast as you can. Between you and your rival — in this instance, the iPhone's electronic brain — are two discard piles.

The idea is for you to throw down cards that are either one higher or one lower than either of the two cards that are face up. Whether cards are red or black doesn't matter. When you need cards tap your reserve deck. Follow me? It's simple, really.

The app has nine levels and I was able to beat the early levels with little effort. The higher levels are maddening fast and it takes a fast reaction time — too fast for me — to beat them. Overall, I thought the game was boring, partly because Lady Luck is a big part of this game. I think it might be more challenging and fun if I could play against a live opponent over a network.

The app's graphics are nicely rendered. The sound effects are realistic. The problem is this game — live or virtual — should be called Snooze Fiend.

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