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Spell Check
Developer: Robert Bartoszynski
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How's your spelling? That bad, huh? Download Achoom's Spell Check and you'll be okay.

There are several dictionaries in the App Store and those virtual dictionaries are exactly like the physical dictionaries, give or take a few extras that exploit the iPhone and iPod touch's unique capabilities.

I have TranCreative Software's WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus on my iPhone and I like it just fine. I never know when I might have to look up some of those fancy words that sell for $4 or $5 a piece.

There are lots of words whose meanings I know but for the life of me can't spell correctly. Harrassment. Harassment. Harrasment. I really don't need a dictionary for fuzzy words. What I need is a quick way to find out how to spell them. 

Spell Check is just the right fix for the how-do-ya-spell problem. Enter into the search bar a close approximation of the word you're looking for and in return, you'll get a list of words that includes the one you want.

You can go to the next step and look up the definition for the word by tapping it. However, Spell Check isn't much of a dictionary. Heck, I'll just come out and say it: It's a terrible dictionary. The definitions are rudimentary and not at all as  meaningful as those you'll find in a dictionary app.

Providing definitions is not what Spell Check aims to do, anyway. Think of it as a dictionary in reverse.

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  • Phil

    Thanks for the review. It would be more helpful to me if when you review an app, you compare it to others that are very similar. I understand that if you review sudoku for example, that you don't want to comment on 50 different games, but for Spell Check, looks like you would only have to mention one other, Spell Checker. I would like to get one of these, so obviously a direct comparison would have helped me to make a choice. At the moment, still undecided.