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Spell Checker
Developer: Concrete Software, Inc.
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spell checker iphone appConcrete Software's Spell Checker is a competent app but it may not think fast enough to win the Great American Spelling Bee.

I prefer to use a dictionary app when I want to check the spelling of a word. It doesn't make much sense to me to use an app to spell check and then, if I need to, to go somewhere else to look up a definition or synonym. I can do all that with any decent dictionary app.

Some people need a quick word lookup and spelling check apps are good for that. What I would look for in a spelling checker app is the capability to quickly predict the word I'm searching for, to save words I often misspell (words that begin with phys- and pysch- constantly throw me off, for example) and if I need it, the ability to look up a definition.

Spell Checker is the first app of this kind that I've encountered that not only gives you the correct spelling of words in American English, but also in British English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. That feature alone should make it attractive to a wide a group people.

It's predictive ability does not work as well as other apps that attempt to make text entry faster, unfortunately.

I started by entering "labyrinth" into Spell Checker and the word wasn't on the list of possible matches by the time I had entered "labyr." However, "labor," "brr," and "Aubry" were on the list out of 49 possible options. When I got to "labyri," "Lorri" and "Barry" were on the list as my sole two options. Finally, when I got to "labyrin" "labyrinth" did appear on the list, just behind by "laboring."

If you want to look up a definition for a word, Spell Checker will take you to the dictionary Web site of your choice.

I compared Spell Checker to TransCreative Software's Speller-Free Spell Checker and Achoom's Spell Check ($0.99). Neither was noticeably better, but they are cheaper than Spell Checker, which is $1.99.

TransCreative Software Speller's wasn't able to find "labyrinth" in any fewer steps than Concrete Software's app. If you want a definition, you'll also have to Google for it.

Achoom Spell Check was marginally better, although it's lacks any predictive ability. The app waits until you've entered what you think a word might be spelled like and then will then pop up a list of potential matches. On the plus side, Spell Checker also has a rudimentary dictionary built in.

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  • jmt

    All I have to say is...1.99 for a spell check when you can just load the free dictionary app or look it up with the internet for free? The picture even shows that it doesn't know how to guess what youre attempting to spell