SpellTower: New Word Game that Will Have Players Under its Spell

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Developer: Zach Gage
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SpellTowerWhen you’re a huge fan of word games, it’s great finding one that turns expectations upside down. SpellTower is one that goes beyond expectations and offers a game that is an addicting mash-up between Boggle, Tetris and Scrabble. With four different single-player modes and a local multiplayer mode to boot, Spell Tower is one of the most fun word games uncovered in quite some time. It’s simple, addictive, challenging and riddled with replay value.

SpellTower begins with a simple tutorial mode that explains the basic rules and limitations in about a minute. Complete this instructional mode to begin the game by unlocking the first of four available modes. The objective and gameplay is slightly different in each mode, ranging from casual Tower Mode to frantic Rush Mode. Whether you’re going for points, survival or both, SpellTower fits a plethora of word game moods.

To gain points, simply spell bigger better words. Words are made by tapping or dragging a sequence of connecting letter tiles. Words must be at least three letters long and are sometimes required to be more depending on the letter tiles used in the word. The longer the word, the more bonuses you get – including scoring higher points, disappearing tiles, and sometimes clearing entire rows or columns. In modes where letters cause the board’s rows of letters to rise, kind of in a Tetris-like way, it becomes necessary to construct bigger words in a quicker time period just to survive.

Should you ever grow weary of playing alone, SpellTower has a local multiplayer “Debate” mode where two people can go head to head on two separate devices over Bluetooth connection. Each word you spell sends a shower of letter tiles down on your opponent’s board. The first person with a board that becomes filled to the top loses. The option to set handicaps keeps the game balanced for all skill levels, making it a fun game for parents, kids and varied spelling abilities.

Though there’s nothing overtly extravagant about SpellTower, it is a well-designed, unique word game that performs nearly flawlessly in execution between all modes. Even the local multiplayer mode performs well whether playing iPhone to iPhone, or iPad to iPod Touch - just remember to turn Bluetooth “on” for each device used. SpellTower is GameCenter enabled and records high scores and best words within the game for each mode. Compatible with all devices running iOS 5 and later, SpellTower is $1.99 and if you love a good word game, is worth every penny.

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