Spidr Feels Like Google+ and Adds Rewards for Sharing

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spidr for iphoneI recently read an article that mentioned Google+ is the fast growing social networking site, which doesn't surprise me with the amount of followers the search giant has. One social networking app that seems to be following something similar to the Google+ circles feature is Spidr. Developed by Apoorva Singh, the app gives individuals a tool to cast their "Web," a.k.a. virtual hangout, which is where they can share the normal tidbits such as text, pictures or video updates.

How Spidr compares to Google+ is that it allows you to select the Webs or circles based on your location. So it's like a smaller circle you can interact and connect with.

Spidr is fairly easy to setup. Once you launch the app you're prompted to sign up for a new account. I opted to sign in with my Facebook account instead of creating a new account the old way. From there, you are prompted to import all, some or none of your Facebook checkins as virtual places to hangout. I opted for all to try and unlock the app's full potential. And that's how you sign up. Very easy. 

From there, you have a few options to start interacting. If you're in a fairly populous area that has current Spidr users, then the default "nearby" tab will show you a snapshot of what's going on in your area. However, not too many people in my area (Vancouver, WA) are on Spidr yet so I had to check out "latest" or "trending" tabs, which for a recent addition to the App Store, seemed to be showing quite a bit of activity. This is the first hurdle for social networking apps ... quick adoption within the tech community to start things off before the general population starts taking a look. If they see empty halls, chances are they'll leave without even trying it.

The most appealing feature of these sorts of apps is if it lends itself to helping you discover new things. Within the trending tab, I found a few recommendations of an Ethiopian food restaurant in Berkeley, CA. Now, it's over 500 miles away, but I regularly am in the Bay Area and love this cuisine so will definitely check it out when I'm there next.

As for other features, you'll find that Spidr has everything you need from liking and sharing to replying and commenting.

While Spidr is newer to the App Store, the fact that it has some activity buzzing through it and kind of mimics the Google+ circles idea makes it an easy app to recommend for anyone looking to try out a new social networking app.

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