SPiN Makes Shape-Recognition Colorful, Addictive, and Fun

SPiN - Super Shape Puzzle (AppStore Link)
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SPiN - Super Shape Puzzle
Developer: Secret Exit Ltd.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

spin iphoneSPiN is the first App Store title by independent developer Secret Exit Ltd. and it offers addictive puzzle fun with multiple game options that provide added replay value.

SPiN's objective is simple — match the objects that appear on the screen to the silhouettes behind them. At first that seems like something a toddler could do but the multi-direction rotation controls and different options for the game's pace make it possible to enjoy shape-recognition all over again at any age.

The challenge of making your fingers react as fast as your eyes is not as easy as it may sound and although SPiN is very easy to get into, the increasing pace makes it difficult enough to keep you interested. Matching the objects up in as few moves as possible increases the score and ten different levels with 100 stages keep SPiN visually interesting as well.

The three different game modes (Arcade, Frantic, and Minute Rush) allow the user to mix the game up and the three different speed options allow SPiN to work for inexperienced as well as more advanced players. The arcade-style music is fun and uplifting but can get tiresome after a while and the game's graphics are great with different backgrounds and color schemes for the different stages.

Overall SPiN is a colorful puzzle game that can get very addictive and makes shape-recognition unexpectedly entertaining.

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