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SPLATRPULT! Ready... Set... Splat!
Developer: StevieSpin Digital Media Inc
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Splatrpult! Ready...Set...SplatReady, set, and splatter away with a colorful new action game for iPhone and iPad. Splatrpult! Ready…Set…Splat! could be called something like coloring book paintball, as it’s basically a game with a catapult as a weapon, personable little paint blobs as ammo and a variety of fun pictures as targets. It’s unique, it’s vividly colorful, and it’s got all the components of a great casual game. Splatrpult! is fun for all ages and though it has challenging aspects, its learning curve is so low, any skill level can learn to play.

Splatrpult! Ready…Set…Splat! features two modes of play and multiple levels. Each level involves various colors of paint blobs called “splatties,” who have equally colorful personalities. Players select a blob from their arsenal of splatties and drag one to the catapult stage. To launch the splatty, touch the screen and drag down on the on-screen catapult. Determine the trajectory and velocity at which you want your splatty to launch and release your touch on the screen. It’s simple touch controls and basic physics. Your objective is to color in at least 90% of each level’s picture to move on to the next. 

While the initial premise of launching paint blobs at images for coloring seems like remedial artistic fun, the game incorporates challenges and progressively more complicated pictures. Some pictures require players to color specific areas of the image a specific color and even combine primary color splats to create secondary ones. As long as you color 90% of the image while adhering to any specific coloring rules, you clear the level and advance to the next.

Splatrpult! Ready…Set…Splat! has an entertaining overall premise and it is supported by natural gestures, colorful design, playful characters and game components that add value. Achievements, different modes of play, competitive scoring and bonus splatties – some with special powers – make Splatrpult! a truly well-rounded game. The storyline is solid, the premise simple and the gameplay casual and coolly entertaining. Though super splatties can be purchased, a few introductory ones are thrown in and you can earn free ones by sharing game progress on Facebook or Twitter. There is no requirement to play with super splatties, but there are levels where they simply come in handy as it gets harder and harder to meet the 90% quota in conjunction with the color rules. Again, though there’s an element of challenge and strategy, Splatrpult! is still amazingly simple fun.

Splatrpult! Ready…Set…Splat! is a free download available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. As a genuinely all-around solid game, complete with replay value and visual appeal, Splatrpult! Ready…Set…Splat! is simply a must try.

Splatrpult Basic Gameplay Demo

Be sure to check out the Splatrpult! YouTube channel for a collection of short video tutorials on how to master the different splatties such as the Laser-Guided Splatty Mega Splatty, and Triple Splatty.

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