Spoilage Requires Chess-Like Strategy in Fight for Dominance

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spoilage iphoneSpoilage is a simple touch game that is as infectious as the cutesy bacterium that earn the app its name. The first game app from IGG Software, Spoilage marks a departure from the company's more business savvy apps: iBank 3, a professional finance app, and iBiz 3, a program management app.

Spoilage is a battle royal over space on a slice of Swiss cheese. As purple bacteria you fight against the dreaded green bacteria for dominance, and in the end only one can rule the cheese. 

To win the slice you must multiply by landing next to green bacterium and turning them purple, all the while trying to avoid being turned green. There are two moves in which you can use to gain ground as the valiant purple bacteria: you can replicate and you can jump. When you replicate you move only one space but keep the square you had previously occupied. When you jump you travel further but are forced to abandon the square you jumped from as fair game for your opponent.

Obstacles such as holes and oil spots are also thrown in the mix to keep things challenging. Depending on where you are on the board, these may limit your ability to replicate, forcing you to veer around them or jump over them. There are also three different levels of play from which to choose from: "Smelly," "Rancid," and "Rotten."

When interviewed about the game, James Gillespie remarked: "Ultimately I was trying to create something you could play if you only had a few minutes to kill, but that would still be challenging if you'd already played it a million times." Spoilage is just that, easy to pick up again and again but just as hard to put down every time.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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