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sportacular iphone sport scoresSportacular by Citizen Sports is the perfect app for the sports fan. Whether your need is the final score of one game or all the games, you’ll have that answer right in the palm of your hand. Sportacular provides you with all you require to satisfy most of your sports information needs.

The information is simple to access and it’s a very easy transition from one sport to another. You can also customize your settings a number of ways. You may wish to follow a single player or a team. By personalizing your settings you can quickly pull up information on your favorites.

Sportacular gives you access to scores in real time from a majority of major league and college sports including MLB, NFL, NCAA FB, NBA, NCAA BB (men and women), NHL, MLS, PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions.

Want to know what teams are still in the championship hunt, or who’s playing tonight? Current standings and schedules are one Sportacular click away.

Fantasy sports junkies can follow the stats of their favorite athlete. For those of you prone to placing a wager every now and then you can find the line on every game as well as the over/under. (Both seem to be right in line with the odds listed on

The More tab offers several additional smart choices. There is a link to the latest breaking news, which includes current acquisitions and trades. For those that need to see last nights amazing play one more time, you’ll find a link to YouTube sports videos.

I would love for Sportacular to add a few more sports such as horse racing and international soccer but there is a fantastic amount of info now. Much more and a lot of sports junkies wouldn’t get anything done all day.

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  • Randall Cross

    I'll have to check it out. Is it just me or could the NFL stand to spend some cash to finally get a good web site and mobile app experience. For a league that generates billion in revenue one would think they'd get a mobile site or app that doesn't harken to 2001.

  • mdm

    Try iSPORTS is the only way to watch NFL Games on my iphone.... The NFL is awesome on sundays and the user interface is smooth and clean. Sportstacular needs to clean up the experience. Sportstacular and Sportstap still feel like the webapps that they came from.... If they do not move fast to build a modern experience comparable to all sports sites they will be passed by iSports and the big sports content holders.