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Spotify Music
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Spotify Premium for iOSHow the world has changed since the iPod gave us 1,000 songs in our pocket. Now, through the Spotify Premium service, we have access to 15 million songs. Plus, it allows us to take all of our playlists no matter if we're connected or not. A feature that separates Spotify from Pandora. I absolutely love Pandora, but I travel a lot and when I do there's usually several mountains or valleys with horrible reception and thus no access to Pandora.

This is where the premium version of Spotify comes in very handy. All of those songs you know and love are accessible for offline playback. The app is worth its weight and gold for this feature alone. There is nothing more annoying than hitting the chorus in "Champagne Supernova" and having it crack, snap and pop in and out of reception because of poor cell service. 

But why spend hard earned cash when you can setup a playlist on your iPhone with your current library? One word. Selection. Sure, we all have our favorite go-to songs, but we can only listen to them so many times before wanting to listen to something different. That's why Spotify is so great. It provides 15 million songs at your fingertips and all just for $9.99 per month. These new discoveries can then be saved for offline playback as well.

Also, no commercials. That's another very annoying aspect of not only radio, but other streaming music apps. It usually happens when I'm getting into a groove and the beat has taking me into another world and whammy, I'm told about a useless product that if I wanted it I would have looked it up on Google.

The premium service provides even better sound quality with the service delivering a higher bitrate of up to 320kbps. However, not all tracks are available at the higher quality. Another sweet feature is the ability to connect to your Sonos wireless music system and stream music to any room in the house.

Spotify Premium is perfect for those who want enhanced audio quality, exclusive content and a nearly endless supply of commercial free music goodness. Also, the ability to take your favorite playlists wherever you'd like is the icing on the cake. And at the cost of one album per month, it's an easy recommendation for any music lover wanting complete control of their music experience. If you don't want to jump in feet first, make sure to check out the 30-day free trial.

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  • Mark

    I cant agree more, I love Spotify and wanted to let you know, if you want to access to your Spotify playlists in a clock radio format check out Beautiful Clock Radio.