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spread for iphoneGreat. Another social networking app. Luckily, Spread is on the nice list this year. It almost has a Pinterest feel to it in that the pictures of things you can click "love it," "want it," or "have it" display in tile format. I think Pinterest should buy his app as it's easy to navigate, is appealing to the eye and has something that most don't — a visual representation of where your images have been shared. It's awesome.

Spread not only plays into our fascination with sharing images of things we like, but also plays to the side of our curiosity with viralness. You know when you see luggage with stamps from all over the world, well, this is kind of how Spread works in that you can pull up your images that have been shared and see where they have been "spread" across the city, state, country or world. 

This feature gives you a visual representation of where your image or some other person's image "spread" to. It's displayed on a globe via a time-lapse replay of when the image was posted and the location of where the next person shared from. For instance, I liked a picture of a deck of cards made from wood blocks and it originated in Toronto, Canada and was spread to Portland, Oregon when I hit the like button. Nifty, to say the least.

Of course, there's more to Spread than just watching where your images go. It's a full on photo sharing site since you can upload images from your camera roll. No filters though. Again, like Pinterest, you can add your images to categories such as gadget, wine, fashion and pretty much anything else you can think of. And just as you can add to these categories, you can search them too. That's probably one of my most fun things to do is peruse categories ... specifically the tech, geek, Apple, etc. categories.

The Spread website is still sporting a Beta badge, and with the right mix of users, this app has a lot of potential to catch on quick. The spread function alone is quite addictive and will keep you checking back on where your picture has been. Who knows, it might go to a country with an affinity for your photography style and make you famous. Now is the time to start sharing as much as possible. You can sign up for a free account online or through the app using your email address or Facebook ID.

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  • Alex

    The visualizer is a great way to interact with and follow people all
    around the globe. Not only that, but the "Wish list" feature is great! You can check out what your friends are wanting and know exactly what to buy them for a special occasion or you can develop your own "want" list! I truly recommend this app, it's fun and easy to

  • Nicky

    I love how Spread allows me too see where my photos that I upload have been seen in the world! Awesome idea. Spread it!

  • Jane

    I love to check it out to see what is trending. Lots of fashion and lots of fun!

  • Laur

    The visualizer definitely sets Spread apart from other social networking sites. I love how easy it is to curate your want.love.have lists and how simple it is to navigate the various categories. Great way to open up your mind to different perspectives!