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Developer: App Authors Limited
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SpreadSheet- spreadsheet iphone appSeveral apps on the iPhone (for example datacase) allow you to view spreadsheets, but none -- up until now -- actually let you create your own spreadsheet on the iPhone. London based SoftTalk, an enterprise software company that started in 1994, has the honor of being the first company to fill that void.

The $7.99 app, with the generic name of "Spreadsheet", allows you to create and save simple spreadsheets. Some of the features worth pointing out are the basic formatting functions (cell color, numeric formatting etc..), cut/copy/paste of single cells or ranges, basic functions (Sum, avg etc..) and the ability to export spreadsheets by emailing them as XML files.

Besides wanting a fuller feature set, the glaring omission of this app is the inability to import excel files. According to techcrunch, this feature is being worked on for a future release.

While this is a very cool developement, I have to say that doing anything more than the simplest spreadsheet on the iPhone -- with no keypad and limited screen real estate - is very difficult. For that reason, and the steep price tag, we can't recommend the app beyond a 7/10 score.

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  • Bill Grossman

    Why should i pay 8 bucks for something google docs does better and for free?

  • JonG

    Theres someting else called Tables which seems like some kind of spreadsheet

  • rick mortz

    you can't edit spreadsheets excel or word with google docs using the iphone

  • anna smith

    you can within safari

  • Ritchie Smith

    The problem with Google Docs is it's online, not local.
    If you have sensitive data that has to be stored locally, this is an issue.