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spreadsheet iphone appSpreadsheet was one of the original apps of its kind to make it to the iPhone. A recent update brings an app that is much improved from the original version offering several extra features that make it worth considering if you want to be able to create and edit spreadsheets on-the-go.

Spreadsheet is now one of several office/productivity apps that are worth considering if you want some type of spreadsheet editing features on your iPhone. The current version is fairly intuitive and makes creating and editing spreadsheets fairly manageable with finger taps.

The learning curve will depend on how much time you've already spent with spreadsheets on your Mac or PC. But with a bit of time any iPhone user should be able to create and manage spreadsheets from within the Spreadsheet app.

By tapping on a cell you are then prompted to use the keyboard to enter data. Or there is a task bar along the bottom of the app for manipulating the cells and punching in equations. If you are a power Excel user then you may just start typing in the commands yourself. The feature set is fairly strong for what you are able to do from within the mobile interface. In fact managing large amounts of data could become a challenge on the iPhone screen.

There are still some moments where Spreadsheet can be a bit buggy - especially when it comes to syncing the documents with your PC or Mac. Spreadsheet comes with a pretty exhaustive how-to guide which should help. But this type of endeavor is best left to those who are tech savvy or you may quickly frustrate out.

In the end Spreadsheet tops iSpreadsheet and other related apps available in the App Store. With DataViz releasing Documents To Go for iPhone this week the document and spreadsheet editing capabilities of the iPhone just became stronger.

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  • anoonymous

    Does anyone know how it works with spreadsheets with multiple tabs? I have QuickOffice and it only opens the first tab on the spreadsheet. If this app recognizes spreadsheets with multiple tabs, I'd definitely buy it.

  • Victor

    Quick office is far better than spreadsheet.

    And you are wrong "anoonymous". Quickoffice is able to open multiple tabs documents, use the third icon from left to right at the toolbar.

    You should read the manual first.

  • Martin

    I bought Spreadsheet 4.0.2 4/07 but it doesn´t work.