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Spy Fox in Dry Cereal
Developer: Tommo Inc.
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

Spy Fox in Dry Cereal for iOSThe name's Fox, Spy Fox.

Okay, okay. All cliches aside what we're talking about here is Spy Fox in Dry Cereal, one of the latest 1990's adventure games to find itself ported to the iOS. Along with the likes of Another World, and Putt Putt, it seems one of the big fads for developers is to port old favorites to iOS for a volatile mixture of nostalgia and old-fashioned entertainment — but who could blame them!

Nimbus Games, the team behind the iOS Port for Spy Fox, were licensed almost all of the original content for the game from ATARI, owner of the game's original developers, Humongous Entertainment. With all of the amazing original graphics, music, and more in the hands of Nimbus, they got to work to make a well polished and well rounded port of the game for the iOS environment of iPods, iPhones, and iPads. 

In Spy Fox, you play the aptly named SpyFox — half fox, half international superspy — working for SpyCorps to stop the evil William the Kid, a goat villain who seeks to destroy the world's supply of dairy milk and replace it with dreaded goat milk! Dropped into the town of Acidophilus off the coast of Greece, you are tasked with stopping William the Kid and his evil plans, along with the help of the lovely "Monkey" Penny, and Professor Quack, who offer their aid and cool gadgets out of the Mobile Command Center.

Spy Fox in Dry Cereal works hard to bring out the experience that thousands of players loved in the original PC game with the advantages you'd expect out of playing from a iOS device. Just the SCUMM game experience you have come to love out of classics like Spy Fox & Putt Putt, Nimbus Games has taken to heart the love of being able to simply click where you want to make your action, instead of needing a mouse like in older systems. Along with this, they've also taken the games & other features and made them compatible with the new and awesome hardware you find on iOS devices, such as the accelerometer, so you can play the mini-games with a flick of the wrist instead of a finger!

Though the game is certainly unoriginal from its 1998 release, holding very little, perhaps even no changes in the actual gameplay, it's certainly a port that does justice in many respects, and is not a game you can simply go out and buy off the shelf today. Bringing back old titles to milk them a bit more may seem a little questionable in terms of ethics, and unoriginal, but it still offers the opportunity to newer customers who never had a chance to experience the game. Along with this, a few buggy incidents with the small screen size may agitate you, but this all is a far cry from how much fun you'll be having to solve the adventure!

Spy Fox is a game 100% centered around kids. Between the cheesy lines our iconic hero says to the cliche references to Get Smart or James Bond, you know this game will make your little ones fall in love. Then again, this doesn't mean you can't fall in love either! Between the nostalgia and simple, yet elegant gameplay, this is a game for all ages. Even something as simple as the soundtrack,written at the time by the relatively unknown Jeremy Soule, is absolutely immersive. These little things all add up to show how well polished this game was, and how effectively the developers brought these elements into the iOS Port.

All in all, you can't go wrong with SpyFox, even if it's a bit pricey. The game can give you hours of pleasure, has multiple endings, and just feels like it was born for the iPhone. You will certainly see more ports like these in the coming months for our favorite point-and-click adventure games!

Spy Fox in Dry Cereal is a universal app for all iOS devices running  3.0 or later, and retails for $2.99 on the AppStore.

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