Squares! Requires Strategy

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squares iphone appSquares! is a strategy game for the iPhone from ciretose. It is comprised of a simple game board with 25 squares. The squares are cute, the concept is straightforward, but don't be fooled — Squares! is challenging.

Playing Squares! is all about figuring out your strategy. At the beginning of the game, all of the boxes are filled with arrows. When you tap an arrow, the square it is pointing to turns a happy green. If you tap another arrow pointing to the same square, the square will turn a warning yellow. One more time and the square turns red, signaling the end of the game.

The way Squares! challenges your brain is that each time you tap an arrow, the arrow direction changes. Squares! is not a static game. You need to see the bigger picture: what direction could this arrow point after I tap it? How will that affect my next move? To play Squares! successfully, you need to think ahead and plan multiple moves before you tap an arrow. If you need them, you have five opportunities to undo an arrow tap or to change the direction of the remaining arrows.

The way that Squares! makes your brain work reminds me of playing chess. You plan your move, anticipating both your opponent’s potential next moves and the chain reaction of subsequent moves that could follow. Squares! is probably best played in a similar manner as chess, as a thoughtful, slower-paced game.

My pea-brain was not so successful in figuring out a Squares! strategy. In fact, I got the most points the first time I played Squares! when I had no idea what I was doing. Don't let my failure discourage you from buying Squares! I was never very good at chess either. Squares! is a great buy for an iPhone game seeker with a strategic brain.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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