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! Squeeze it. Face Deformer & Wobble (AppStore Link)
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! Squeeze it. Face Deformer & Wobble
Developer: Vlad Lungu
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

squeeze-it-iphone appIf you like fun little apps that let you play with pictures, then check out Squeeze it by Longneck. Similar to Face Melter, Squeeze it is a face deformer and wobble app that is surprisingly easy to use. Categorized as an entertainment app, which in my opinion seldom are, Squeeze it can be laugh-out-loud funny if you want it to be.

I was surprised by how simple and self-explanatory Squeeze it is. I was also surprised that I found it amusing to play with, because I often fail to fully appreciate paid apps that aren’t games or for productivity. However, Squeeze it is just all around good fun.

Squeeze it loads quickly and adding an image couldn’t be easier. The select tool is a bubble ring that you make appear by tapping the screen. You can pinch or stretch the bubbles and drag them to the desired zone and then warp that zone or wobble it.

Playing around with Squeeze it, I uploaded several different pictures playing with both the warp and wobble features. If you create a funny deformity out of the image, you can quickly save it to your photos by tapping the film icon in the upper right. Unfortunately, you can only engage one action – squeeze or wobble – at a time, which means I couldn’t make a big-headed bobble doll out of my chihuahua, but stretching and deforming images of friends and family members was more entertaining than a funhouse mirror.

A couple of things I noticed about Squeeze it perplexed me, including picture orientation. Some of the images were portrait oriented in my photo library, but loaded into Squeeze it in landscape. This didn’t have any impact on usage, but there is no option to rotate the image and the saved image went back in the photo library as landscape. I also have no idea why several images of the Squeeze it home screen loaded into my photo library after I downloaded it, but I just deleted them with no worries.

For a simple to use, fun to play with photo app that can let you make goofy pictures to add to contacts, email to friends, or whatever suits you, Squeeze it fits the bill. There are two versions of Squeeze it in the App Store, Squeeze it and Squeeze it Pro. Squeeze it Pro eliminates the tagline “made with Squeeze it on my iPhone” to saved images.

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