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Squibble for iPhoneRemember wacky wall-walkers? Telling as this question is, it is the first thing that came to mind when playing Squibble – a relatively new 2D platformer built with handheld intuitiveness for easy play. My age may be showing here, but “squibble” is quite reminiscent of those gooey stretchy toys. This adorable green blob makes his way through 50 levels riddled with obstacles and enemies, and like a planetary alignment the elements of this game all come together and achieve something worth seeing.

Simple touch screen controls and level goals make Squibble an easy to play game, but not so easy to master. With a bit of physics and enemy obstacles in play, Squibble challenges even casual gamers with increasing difficulty. With each level, the exit goal becomes just a bit trickier to get to while still avoiding enemies and obstacles that suck life from your happy go lucky wall-walker.

Squibble features 50 levels with changing environments and new enemies, which helps extend play value. To increase replay value, there are three difficulty settings, each with decreasing amounts of life force. The game is also Scoreloop enabled so you can challenge other players for high score rankings. Scoring is based on a combination of level completion time and percentage of water droplets collected. The premise is simple, but blazing through a level with breakneck speed while avoiding obstacles and collecting 100% of the droplets is not so simple – but it’s fun.

All told, Squibble definitely makes the mark as a unique and well-developed game complete with a quirky theme song that has me picturing a wacky wall-walker in a poncho and sombrero (cue the flute sound). It’s actually hard to put the whole picture into words, but Squibble has some potential for sure and as a bonus, there’s a lite version to try before you buy.

The Squibble Game Trailer Offers a Demo:


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  • Peter Babiy

    Thanks for pointing the game out, Jennifer! Just got the lite and love it! Def going to buy it. Surprised that it ain't in the top lists. Great and fun game.

  • beatdown

    Thx for the review, I will def. try the lite version first. Hopefully the paid version has more stuff.

    Yesterday i got a game called CHUPACABRA some of you might like it, cause its free- get it on iTunes or Venemobile dot com.