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Developer: The Game Bakers
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SquidsParis-based mobile game developers The Game Bakers has cooked up a hit with Squids, an under-water, turn-based casual adventure game. No kidding, building a rogue squid army to fight off evil crustaceans has never been so much fun. Squids is well-developed and contains all the elements of a casual, yet addictive, multi-level adventure game that keeps players interested. Featuring a selection of heroic squids on a mission to save the underwater kingdom from the “black ooze,” Squids pits players against missions where hordes of enemies need defeating.

The story-line being all laid out, players can build, train and customize their squid army of four based on need for each level. Each squid has special abilities, varying defenses and power levels, and can be leveled up to rise to new challenges. Controlling the squids is a simple matter of touch-screen sling-shot action made effective by a bit of aiming and planning. Collecting pearls and power items along the way, players use the squids to defeat hordes of shrimp and crab, preferably within the maximum number of allowed turns. Pearls are used to level up squid soldiers and purchase additional items.

Though Squids is a casual adventure game, there is definitely some strategy and skill required. Players can use upgrades, collected pearls, and even the environment to their advantage for each mission. Missions increase in difficulty with each new story level and include the epic boss levels that make a good game great. Simultaneously challenging and relaxing, the game play, graphic presentation and sound spanning 21 levels all combine to give depth and value to an original and creative game.

Game play is smooth and the strategy elements are clever without being overwhelming. The title screen alone is unique and this uniqueness is present in small bits and pieces throughout the game. Players choose from four types of squids, each with their own special abilities including healing, shooting and scouting. The turn-based game play lends to the challenge and changes the way each level is approached. Even when defeated on a level, replay remains engaging allowing players to take a different approach each time. Players can change their squid line-up or simply change their approach, taking advantage of surprise power-ups or the environment as needed.

Aside from some occasional lag and a potential bug that sometimes interferes with launching the game, Squids is as solid as it gets. Slingshot squids, angry shrimp, coastal currents, hidden treasure and ten-gallon hats – Squids has got it all and it’s delightfully compacted into an addictive, casual mobile game that is so worth the .99.

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