Squids Wild West is a Delicious Sequel that Stands on its Own

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Squids Wild West
Developer: The Game Bakers
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Squids Wild WestIn the world of iOS gaming sequels, all are not created equal. That said, Squids Wild West, the successor to the original Squids game for iPhone, iPad and touch, is a model for the rest. Squids Wild West continues the story of the squid pack as they explore the unique landscape of the underwater untamed west and continue their adventure battling the Black Ooze and searching for their pal Winnick.

Like its predecessor, Squids Wild West is an action RPG game that pits a gang of squids against oceanic enemies. In each turn-based battle, players are challenged to use their squids varying abilities to combat the enemies, collect pearl loot, and seek out the secret star. With the same unique control mechanisms, combining trajectory logic and good aim, Squids Wild West gives players five new worlds with multiple levels to play.

Squids Wild West has a detailed and smart story line that follows the first, but new players can derive just as much enjoyment as previous fans. Squids Wild West isn’t exactly a pick up and play game, but the tutorial is thorough and quick and will have both casual and hardened iOS gamers playing in short order. Challenges include defeating enemies with special abilities, acquiring special power ups and chasing down seahorses to boost strength and speed as you ride into battle.

As a follow-up sequel title, Squids Wild West does a great job of maintaining familiarity while offering new elements to keep the game fresh and entertaining. This version features the same original squid characters - Steev, Clint, Vahine, Vespa and Sammo – as well as introduces new ones and presents new challenges set against new scenery. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the original or new to the calamari calamity that is Squids, Squids Wild West is satisfying for its quick learning curve, in depth and quirky story line, and fully-loaded entertainment value as an action game. Whether you’re shooting, head butting or ground pounding, each level offers a fun and fixating challenge.

Rather than a feeling of running a good thing into the ground, Squids Wild West proves that a sequel can be a positive extension of an original while remaining imaginative and unique enough to stand on its own. It deserves points for originality, style and value while staying true to its initial audience and fans. For just $1.99 Squids Wild West proves to be a high-value underwater adventure with definite staying power.

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