'stachetastic: A Digital Update on a Classic Pastime

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Developer: Jim Heising
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'stachetastic for iPhone'stachetastic - I'm sure there are some people who are reading this who never grew past the stage when they thought it was hilarious to draw fake mustaches on people. (I certainly didn't.) And yet, these days, everything is digital. What's an immature technophile to do? Download 'stachetastic by Work's Out, obviously!

'stachetastic is a delightfully juvenile app which allows you to add to your photos not only a wide assortment of mustaches, but assorted facial hair, a handful of hairdos, and even a few accessories like sunglasses, a red clown nose or an eyepatch. The items all have fun and silly names like the magnum'stache, the flava'stache (a Flava Flav-style grill), the gigolo'stache and even the wtf'stache, an ornate octopus-looking gray monstrosity.

'stachetastic is easy to use; simply take a photo (or choose one from your library) and pick out the desired 'staches from the pop-up menu. Once you've chosen a 'stache you can resize it, tilt it, flip it and do whatever you need to do to make it fit properly on the photo. A downside: while 'stachetastic theoretically allows you to move your photo around and zoom in or out as needed, I found that it often didn't quite cooperate. While I never had trouble resizing/moving the 'staches, occasionally the photo I was using would just get stuck in place and no amount of my poking at it would get it to move.

Once you're satisfied with your 'stachetastic creation, you can save it to your phone, or if you want, you can share it either by email, via Twitter, or by uploading it to the public gallery for 'stachetastic users all over the world to enjoy.

All things considered, 'stachetastic is, while certainly not essential, a pretty decent app which definitely does what it offers. I'd say it certainly offers $0.99 worth of amusement, and that's good enough for me.

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