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Stamp Art Fever
Developer: Francesco Chessari
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Stamp Art Fever iPhoneCollecting goes virtual with Stamp Art Fever, the first stamp collecting game that recreates specific aspects of stamp collecting while embedding elements of a good game. Players try to build their virtual stamp collection by buying, trading, and bidding on any of over 100 different stamps. The Open Feint feature allows players to connect with friends to swap stamps and compete in collector challenges, but the ultimate goal is to acquire a complete collection.

Stamp Art Fever features a variety of stamp categories including flowers, cities, and animals, all with realistic art design. Fire and theft are potential hazards that could hinder the collection process and black market buys sometimes go sour. All of the elements combine to create an intriguing combination of social gaming and collecting. Connect with other players to trade duplicates or participate in auctions to bid on hard-to-find stamps.

Similar to other apps that use virtual “currency,” Stamp Art Fever uses coins as the means to buy stamps. Coins are awarded with each new collector level, can be acquired through in-app purchase, or earned for free by downloading other apps. It’s easy enough to start a collection with the number of coins initially provided and earning coins with free app downloads is time consuming, but costs you nothing.

Players can view their stamp collection by thumbing through the theme-based books. There is no at-a-glance information feature to the stamp books so you have to open each one to see what stamps have been collected, but collectors do seem to enjoy revisiting their montage of things frequently, so perhaps the true elements of collecting are appropriately captured.

Definitely a niche game aimed at those who love collecting and the challenge of finding just the right addition to their collecting, Stamp Art Fever may not appeal to the masses but is nonetheless a game designed with collector elements in mind. If you enjoy collecting or have a fetish for stamps, then go ahead and catch the fever – virtually speaking.

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  • Greg Dawson

    I'm always traveling so collecting the virtual cities stamps would be pretty sweet!

  • peter orkali

    this game sucks,

    Developer banned people, payed for in app's.
    You can buy stamps cheated and loose your money on that.

    The italian developer thinks buying people are no more needed!

  • Valerie

    We’ve been using Qollector for the iPad for their collection. They enjoy taking pictures and noting where they discovered the stamp. I’ve started to include the prices to teach them about different countries and money.