Star Defense Takes Traditional Tower Defense to New Level

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Star Defense
Developer: ngmoco, LLC
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star-defense-iphone-appDeveloper ngmoco is already much respected for its games, notably, Rolando and Topple 2. The company’s latest, Star Defense,  takes game play to a whole new level (100 new levels to be exact).

First, the basics.  Star Defense is a tower defense game. The game takes place on a planet — in 3D —  that you can rotate and zoom, using a multi-touch interface, a unique approach to what is a long-established, and increasingly conventional, genre.

With seven planets, two game modes, more than 50 Medals and Commendations to be earned on the field, and three different difficulty settings, Star Defense offers endless replay for newcomers and war-hardened veterans alike.

ngmoco’s Star Defense entered the App Store in early June, to rave reviews and about a week later, thanks to the release of OS 3.0 ,ngmoco updated  the game with several new features.

Star Defense players can expand their campaigns and compete with friends via Direct Challenges. In addition to Twitter, Facebook and email, players can send Direct Challenges via Push Notification Service to their friends over the Plus+ network, a free service for the iPhone gaming community. After registering for Plus+, gamers can challenge and play against the world, earn rewards, and discover more of the games they like.

Star Defense is an intense new title. The graphics are divine; game play is smooth (no glitches), the soundtrack is symphonic and although no one can hear you scream in space, the sound effects are also first rate. Overall, it’s a “piece of work,” as my friend Howie used to say, which was his highest compliment.

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