STAR TREK Implements a Tired Concept Well


star trek iphone appEA’s STAR TREK is the “official” iPhone and iPod touch app, which in the case, “official” means it was developed to promote the movie, something an increasing number of Hollywood studios are doing.

I began this review with the same skepticism I have whenever I'm testing a promo app –- whether it’s a movie or a pair of jeans -– I expect the emphasis will on promo and not on game play and the benefits of a grateful and paying public.

Okay, now I'm willing to admit that I was close minded. I actually like STAR TREK quite a bit, although there’s practically nothing original about it. Star Trek (the movie)  generated about $210 million at the box office, so that should bode well for the game.

STAR TREK (the game) looks good, sounds great, plays well and it’s only $2.99. There’s not much to complain about here except that this game adds nothing to the genre. Despite its wowie-Howie attributes, it’s the same old thing in the ice box.

I’ve played already too many games like STAR TREK –– space shooters, speed boats, Neanderthals in cave mobiles -– you name it. This is one of the better implementations I’ve seen at a reasonable price.

You gots your Quick Play, Campaign and Upgrades modes. You gots your Achievements and Options to change audio and music, controls, reset,. And you gots your terrific music -- classical, symphonic Star Trekkian. You gots your excellent sound effects. And lastly, you gots your fancy-pants graphics.

Did I forgots anything? Oh yeah, your accelerometer motion control is  responsive and more precise and among the best of all the games you will have tried.

Use motion controls or thumb press to maneuver on the left side and the option to go for automatic or manual fire on the right side. Automatic fire equals Normal Difficulty. Manual fire equals Hard Difficulty.

Naw, Electronic Arts didn’t pay me to be so kind to them. I just like the way they put START TREK all together. Too bad EA didn’t put in equal amounts of energy on the creative side.

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