Star Trek, the film, leads Developers Looking for New Apps


star-trek-ea-official-version-movie-iphoneTo nearly no one’s surprise, the new Star Trek film has been puffing up with dollars as fast and plentiful as  popcorn in a movie pop-machine. The film has generated nearly $219 million since its May 7 release. The critics love it too, with a 95 percent on the Tomatometer.

This year will mark the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, released in December 1979. Hard to believe it’s been a generation that’s so long ago and far away.

A bunch of devs got behind (more like rode the coattails of) the impending release of the fantastically famous franchise’s eleventh feature film with a slew of ST-related apps.

I reviewed the other day, EA’s STAR TREK, “official” iPhone and iPod touch app, which in the case, “official” means it was developed to promote the movie, something an increasing number of Hollywood studios are doing. I gave it high marks for pushing the bounds of a space shooter genre that has been all but exhausted.

I decided go where no man has gone before and do a round up of Star Trek -themed apps and a series of graphic novels.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

iVerse has four titles in each of its Star Trek graphic novel series. Star Trek Countdown is prequel to the film. Beautiful illustrations. Finger swipe to flip pages. Tap the options icon for page fades, slides or curls. Four titles in each series will give you the whole story at $0.99 per title.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Hardcore Trekkers will go for Star Trek Phaser, from Paramount Digital Entertainment. Set it to stun or kill and blast strangerson the subway when you’re not working on your costume for the next round of ST conventions. Free.

Star Blaster - Laser Gun Wars (AppStore Link)
User Reviews
Star Blaster - Laser Gun Wars
Developer: More Blu Sky
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

If the conventional blaster isn’t getting the job done, go for iPhaser Pocket-Laser Gun Weapons — Defend yourself while you trek the stars with your Tricorder. The longer app title means that it’s a more powerful version.

FunBlast Trekkie Trivia Quiz (AppStore Link)
User Reviews
FunBlast Trekkie Trivia Quiz
Developer: First Guarantee, Inc.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

The next time you decide to have jolly good fun with your mates, bring along FunBlast Trekkie Trivia Quiz. I didn’t actually look at this one. There’s no point to my looking at the app: I don’t know Star Trek well enough to judge the value in the trivia. But, 36 people liked it well enough to leave positive reviews and that's saying something.

Star Trek™ Communicator (AppStore Link)
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Star Trek™ Communicator
Developer: CBS Mobile
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Star Trek Communicator is the official app based on the ever-at-hand voice Communicator from the famous show. It's a functioning replica that lets users access contacts to make calls, and features the voices of many of Star Trek's most famous original personnel, sound effects and other fun visual effects.

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