Star Walk Contest: iPod touch Winners Announced


star walk easter egg contest winners announced The Star Walk Easter Egg contest is officially closed.

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the Star Walk Easter Egg contest: Dmitriy, Bob and ApppCraver reader William. All three will receive an ipod Touch from Star Walk! All the participants who wrote in to tell Vito Technology about their hunt — even if they couldn't find them all or just were late — will also an receive iTunes store gift card.

We can now reveal where the 9 hidden Easter Eggs are. The eggs will remain in the sky for viewing for a limited time. The main functions to be used to find them: traveling in time, moon phases and some random browsing in the sky. All but one the Easter Eggs were flags connected to the American Apollo man landing on the moon events and the Russian Luna mission, as all 3 winner discovered.

Pictures of the Easter Eggs and of the winners will be published on their Website, blog and Star Walk group page on Facebook, join us there to have a look at them!

"We really hope you have enjoyed discovering the wonders of Star Walk and we will keep you up to date on next contests and Star Walk activities," stated a press release from contest organizers. "We can already tell you that the new 1.5 Star Walk version is now under review and will be out soon with enhanced features and new additions that we are sure you will appreciate and have fun with. Tell your friends about it and wow them with our best star gazing tool for iphone!"

Here are the locations for 9 Easter Eggs hiding in the iPhone app:

America Flags:

  • 16.07.1969 "Apollo-11"
  • 14.11.1969 "Apollo-12"
  • 10.11.1970 "Luna-17"
  • 31.01.1971 "Apollo-14"
  • 26.07.1971 "Apollo-15"
  • 16.04.1972 "Apollo-16"
  • 07.12.1972 "Apollo-17"

Russian Flag:

  • 08.01.1973 "Luna-21"

Apple Logo

  • "Easter egg" - near Polaris

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