Look for More Strategy and Story-Heavy Adventure Games in the Next Few Months


state of iphone game developmentIn the months ahead, you'll continue to see the same steady flow of puzzle and word games in the App Store, but just not as many of them as before. You'll also see more strategy titles and some new genres, especially in the story-heavy adventure game category.

Those predictions come from a new report published by Game Developer Research, which has just released its first-ever State of iPhone Game Development (the report also includes iPod touch dev).

The report is based on interviews with nearly 150 App Store developers.

According to GDR,  53 percent of App Store devs are still working on puzzle and word game apps, but that's down from 62 percent of devs who have already completed puzzle and word games.

Developers are working on more sophisticated game genres too:

  • 11 percent of devs say they've completed work on strategy games
  • 15 percent say they are planning to develop them.
  • 11 percent say they've completed work on story-heavy adventure games
  • 21 percent they have that genre in their plans

The report notes more prominent game studios are moving into the App Store, bringing with them bigger budgets and larger dev teams.

If games titles are becoming more sophisticated, then it stands to reason the trend is toward longer development cycles, which the report confirms.

For example, the number of games with 1-3 month development cycles dropped from 61 percent of completed projects to 41 percent of in-development projects. In a related trend, the number of games with 4-6 month development cycles rose from 25 percent completed to 47 percent in development.

You can find more free tidbits from the reports or purchase it from GDR's Web site for $995.

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