Statuso Streamlines Your Social Networking Updates

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Ever struggle with trying to update all of your social networks at the same time? Statuso offers a solution. This new app provides one screen for updating your status on Twitter, Facebook, Yammer and Friendfeed. And the developers promise that this is just the start. More social networks are on the way, including the possibility of more functionality within the different networks.

In its current state Statuso is solid in its performance, yet a bit limited in features. However, what Statuso is set out to do it does rather well. Through just a few taps and setting up your account information, you will then have one screen where you can update your status to some or all of them at once. Whether or not you need an app like this will depend on how heavy of a user of social networks you are. For example, Facebook has an application that allows Twitter to update your status message, which would mean you could already get both updated at once by using Twitter.

But if you are a user of more networks, or perhaps like to give one status to Twitter, another to FriendFeed and even a different message to Facebook, then Statuso may be a great time saver. One well thought-out option is the ability to prepend your Facebook message to keep it grammatically correct. Unlike Twitter, Facebook status messages start with the person's name. So if you are updating the same message to Facebook as to the other networks, adding the word "in" to your Facebook status would look like, "Derek is reviewing a new iPhone app!" instead of  "Derek reviewing a new iPhone app!"

There were a few kinks in the setup, as you will have to authorize Statuso to update your Facebook account. This means being taken to your Facebook page with the embedded browser in Statuso. This takes you to the full rendering of the site, so a bit of pinching and swiping is necessary to see what you need. But ultimately Statuso works just find and there were no real problems in finishing up the setup sequence.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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