Stealth Checkers is Chess Hybrid with a Twist

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Stealth Checkers
Developer: Ed Bond
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stealth checkers for iPhoneThe holidays are upon us and that means one thing ... and no, I'm not talking about presents galore ... I'm referencing the amount of time we'll have on our hands over the holiday break — in planes, trains and automobiles. Undoubtedly, you'll be looking for your mobile device to keep you occupied and one app you should definitely check out is Stealth Checkers.

Stealth Checkers is no ordinary checkers game. Think the movements of chess and the strategy of checkers. Quiet the twist on the old school board games. At first it seems a bit confusing, but rest assured that it's a lot of fun and can be understood fairly quickly.

The point of the game is separated into two game-ending strategies, total domination in the form of clearing the board of your opponent's men or by simply capturing their pièce de résistance in the form of their king. In order to play the game players tap the two dice to roll them. The dice feature a different picturing on each side. One has pictures of the chess pieces, which also tells you how to move your pieces. For instance, get the knight (horse) and you would move two spaces horizontally and one space vertically.

The other one features a number, which tells you how many space you can move. For example, if you roll the rook (castle) and a three then you can move it horizontally or vertically three spaces. You can play against a live opponent or the computer.

In my opinion, Stealth Checkers is a blast because you can't really strategize since you're at the mercy of your dice roll. Of course, hardcore chess and checkers players might find this annoying, but after several hours in the car I'm sure they'll play just about anything.

Stealth Checkers has a lot of potential to being a lot of fun for the younger crowd. And since they might not catch on as quickly, the developers included hints as to how and where to move your pieces in the form of grayed out areas that you can move your piece too.

Stealth Checkers is a fresh take on two old school board games that can be fun just about anytime you want a little break from the norm. It's easy to get the hang of, lots of fun and of course will help you pass the time on the way to grandma and grandpa's house. And for $.99, it's a steal.

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