STICKi PICi Purikura: Give Your Photos a Little Extra Sparkle

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

STICKi PICi is a virtual sticker photo booth for iPhoneAppCraver readers, we're friends, right? I feel comfortable with you, like I can tell you things. I feel okay admitting that the teenage girl living inside of me is super happy about STICKi PICi Purikura.

Purikura (a shortened form of "purinto kurabu") is a Japanese term which translates, roughly, to "print club." In plain English, STICKi PICi Purikura is a photo sticker booth in which photos can be edited with various stamps, frames, text and other decorations. STICKi PICi Purikura allows users to add the same sort of effects to photos on their iPhones and then save the images for use as wallpaper, or email them to friends.

Being someone who never met an item she didn't want to cover in glitter, STICKi PICi Purikura appealed to me instantly. Most of the available special effects tend toward cute and/or sparkly. In fact, there's an entire category for "sparkle" stamps, as well as hearts, butterflies and text phrases. There are also a few pages of miscellaneous stamps like animals, hats and musical notes.

STICKi PICi Purikura, in addition to decorative stamps, offers users the ability to put a frame on their photos. Frame categories include butterflies, flowers and snow (hey, I said this application appeals to the teenage girl in me) as well as some bright abstract designs. They're actually quite pretty, I think.

Users also can use STICKi PICi to add text to photos — either by typing text into a speech bubble or by writing with the pen option. Everything is highly customizable, from the color of ink used to scaling and angling all stamps and text used, and the finished products are actually very cute. I could easily imagine passing time by trading decorated photos with my friends via email. (This looks like an excellent procrastination tool, is what I'm saying.)

Unfortunately, as with most good things, there's a downside. STICKi PICi Purikura crashed on me...a lot. On the plus side, it appears that you don't lose your current project if the app shuts down, which I assume extends to interruption by phone call or text message. However, the constant crashing of STICKi PICi Purikura got old, very fast. And the teenager in me doesn't have the patience for that.

Overall, I'd say STICKi PICi Purikura is worth checking out if you're into cute 'n shiny. If it didn't keep crashing, it'd be rated higher — here's hoping that issue is resolved in future updates.

Check out the STICKi PICi website for easy-to-follow instructions, a demonstration video and more.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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    Thanks for the great review Tracey! We have released version 2.0 which has a new feature and we have fixed the issue with the crashing. Please take a look whenever you get a chance. Hope you like it! ^__^